Slab Jacking is the most effective solution for repairing sinking concrete slab structures. Concrete mixtures can vary in composition and materials, however, concrete slab jacking is a reliable fix to repair almost any sinking concrete slab. The most common reasons for sinking slabs is poorly compacted dirt or fill underneath the concrete slab. Sub-surface erosion is also a common cause of slab sinking.

Slab Jacking can be performed to sinking concrete areas where the sinking slab is lifted, elevated or levelled to its original intended position. This is achieved by pumping special composites under the sinking slab causing it to elevate. The process carried out using specialised equipment and materials.

After examining affected areas, slab jacking is then carried out in a planned manner to achieve the desired results and restoring your concrete slab to its correct position.

CPR specialises in Concrete Slab Jacking for all applications and purposes, Domestic, Industrial and Commercial as well as Civil Construction and Maintenance Projects. We have many years of experience in providing concrete protection and maintenance services. We deploy state-of-the-art equipment and machinery in addition to utilising superior quality materials and methods endorsed internationally for concrete slab jacking applications.

Every project begins with a thorough assessment of the problem at hand and discussing the appropriate slab jacking solution. Often plans and strategies are present in advance and the work is carried out in accordance with a prepared work plan. This includes identifying drilling locations, positioning of equipment and lifting procedures if needed.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Concrete levelling using polyurethane can be used in residential projects (foot paths, carports, driveways and concrete areas) all the way through to major civil (Road ways, treatment plants, runways, hangers, bridges, tunnels etc).
  • Using this method is the more economical and efficient process for concrete leveling.
  • There is less disruption using this method and lessens delays and inconveniences.
  • Compared to other concrete levelling methods, polyurethane concrete levelling is more efficient, 75% more economical, 80% faster to complete (and therefore less disruptive), more accurate (to within 2mm), more durable, and moisture resistant.
  • 99% of projects are completed in one day without affecting the traffic within the vicinity of the work area.